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Volume 17, Numbers 1 & 2, Fall 2001

Editor: Kimberly Daniel-White

Educational Linguistics as a Field: A View from Penn's Program on the Occasion of its 25th Anniversary   (PDF)

Nancy H. Hornberger

Constructing a Multicultural National Identity: South African Classrooms as Sites of Struggle Between Competing Discourses  (PDF)

Keith Chick

Ventriloquating Shakespeare: Ethical Positioning in Classroom Literature Discussions  (PDF)

Stanton Wortham

Culture, Identity, and Asian American Teens: A School District Conference Panel Discussion  (PDF)

Angela Reyes

Avoiding FOBs: An Account of a Journey  (PDF)

Mihyon Jeon

"That's Too Bad": Hedges and Indirect Complaints in "Troubles-talk" Narrative"  (PDF)

Mark Ouellette