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Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 1993

Editors: Fred Chen, Cheryl Donnelly & Rita Elaine Silver

The Importance of Participant Role in Cooperative Learning   (PDF)

Rebecca Freeman

The Trap of Generalization: a Case of Encountering a New Culture   (PDF)

Masakazu Iino

"Sticking points": Effects of Instruction on NNS Refusal Strategies    (PDF1) (PDF2)

Kendall A. King and Rita Elaine Silver

Planning Language in Education in Arkansas: a Case Study   (PDF)

Felicia Lincoln-Porter

Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Pennsylvania: a Language Planning Case Study   (PDF)

Kristin I. Loheyde

Story, Voice, and Culture: the Politics of Narrative in Multicultural Education   (PDF)

Cathy Luna