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Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1984

Editor: Catherine Doughty

Foreword   (PDF)

Dell Hymes

Pretty Is As Pretty Does: A Speech Act View of Sex Roles   (PDF)

Nessa Wolfson

English Interference Loans as a Resource in the Functional Expansion of St. Lucian Creole   (PDF)

Steve Jones

A Re-Examination of L1 Interference and L2 Complexity as Factors in Second Language Syllabus Design   (PDF)

Teresa Pica

Repairs in Conversation: A Demonstration of Competence   (PDF)

Jessica Williams

Language Education Policy in Hawaii: Two Case Studies and Some Current Issues   (PDF)

Thom Huebner

Investigating Literacy: Approaches, Tools, and Their Consequences for Inquiry   (PDF)

Gail Weinstein