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Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 1988

Editors: Cheri Micheau & Alice Lyons

Discourse Coherence, Participation Structure, and Personal Display in a Family Dinner Table Conversation   (PDF)

Frederick Erickson

The Role of Patients' Questions in the Medical Interview   (PDF)

Kristine Billmyer

Monitoring Changes Over Time in the Interlanguage of a Long-Term Resident Second Language Learner   (PDF)

Susana M. Sotillo

Verbal Swaggering: Preschool Children's Strategies for Speaking at the Lunch Table   (PDF)

Margaret Guerra

The Role of the Community: Two Papers   (PDF)

Alice Lyons and Lisa Huber

Let Them Talk! A Study of Native-Nonnative Interaction in Conversation   (PDF)

Lloyd Holliday

The News Interview on Morning Television   (PDF)

Diana Boxer

A Sociolinguistic Perspective of a Sixth Grade Classroon: Preliminary Ethnography   (PDF)

Julie I. Spiegel