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Volume 2, Number 2, Fall 1986

Editors: Jess Unger & Cheri Micheau

Initiation and Response in Service Encounter Closings   (PDF)

Pam Kipers

Language Policy and Use in Zaire: Issues, Influences and Directions   (PDF)

Nora J. Hunt-Johnson

A Comparison of Speaker Overlaps Across Three Genres of Discourse   (PDF)

Anita Pomerance

Language Conflict, Nationalism, and Ethnic Separatism in Finland   (PDF)

Jess B. Unger

A Study of Compliments from a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Japanese vs. American English   (PDF)

Midori Daikuhara

The Poetry of Common Sense: Proverbs as Advice   (PDF)

Cheri Micheau

WPEL Research in Brief: The Relationship of Age to Address Forms in Public Service Encounters   (PDF)

Myra M. Goldschmidt

An Analysis of Extended Elicitation Patterns in ESL Classrooms   (PDF)

Napisah Kepol