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Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 1988

Editors: Kathryn Riley & Alice Lyons

Dissertation Titles and Abstracts


Assessing What a Second Language Learner Knows Through Student-Teacher Interaction   (PDF1) (PDF2)

Joanna Labov

Now You're Getting Real! Perspectives of a "Group Processes" Course   (PDF1) (PDF2)

Valerie S. Jakar

What Happens When Teachers and Students Talk: A Teacher Investigates Teacher/Student Writing Conferences   (PDF)

Robert Fecho

Towards Defining a Community of Learners: A Cross-Cultural View of Collaboration   (PDF1) (PDF2)

Kathy Schultz

Education at the Crossroads: Bilingualism In Elementary Classrooms in Nigeria   (PDF)

Ayorinde Dada & Olubunmi Ogunyemi