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Volume 21, Number 2, 2006

Editors: Julia Deák & Cynthia Groff

A Whole Different Story: The Discursive (Re)construction of Student Ability in Teacher-Generated Assessment Narratives (PDF)

Maren Aukerman

Teachers’ Perspectives on Professional Development: A Case Study of Innovation at a Chinese University (PDF)

Jinwei Dong

Guaraní Académico or Jopará? Educator Perspectives and Ideological Debate in Paraguayan Bilingual Education (PDF)

Katherine Mortimer

Attitudes of Preservice Teachers Toward Issues in Multicultural Education (PDF)

Anita Rao Mysore, Felicia Lincoln, Michael J. Wavering

How Do You Like Your Cereal? A Linguistic Analysis of a Service Encounter (PDF)

Caroline Kennelly Isaacs