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Volume 26, Number 2

Special Issue on Mass Media and Schooling
Editors: Mariam Durrani & Haley De Korne

Mass Media and Schooling / Mass Mediatization of Schooling (PDF)

Betsy Rymes 

“It’s School Organized Like a Giant Videogame”: Participation Structures Embedded within the Mathematics Content and Curriculum of the Khan Academy (PDF)

Joshua A. Taton

Engaging the Politics of Hip-Hop, Literacy, and Identity in the Classroom: A Multicultural Focus (PDF)

Catrice Barrett

“Being We the People”: Mass Media-Supported South-South Cooperation (PDF)

Shaina Adams-El Guiabli

Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Humans: Learning from Participatory Responses to the Representation of Native Americans in Twilight (PDF)

Joanna Luz Siegel

Evaluating Pop Culture Museum Engagements: Pedagogies of, about, and with Harry Potter (PDF)

Debora Lui