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Volume 25, Number 1, 2010

Editors: Kathy Lee & Jamie L. Schissel

English in English Languge Teaching: Shifting Values and Assumptions in Changing Circumstances (PDF)

Martin Dewey and Constant Leung

Critical Issues Surrounding Test Accomodations: A Language Planning and Policy Perspective (PDF)

Jamie L. Schissel

Learning about Your Culture and Language Online: Sifting Langauge Ideologies of Hoisan-wa on the Internet ("I especially liked how you used the thl-sound.") (PDF)

Genevieve Y. Leung

Linguistic "Misunderstandings," Social Spaces, and the Restriction of Latin American Immigrants in Atlanta (PDF)

Nicolas Limerick

Ukrainian, Russian, English: Language Use and Attitudes of Students at a Ukraninan University (PDF)

Bridget A. Goodman and Nina A. Lyulkun