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Volume 27, Number 2, 2012

Volume 27 - Number 2 - Fall 2012

Editors: Catrice Barrett and Joanna Luz Siegel

Language Practices and Attitudes in  EFL and English-Medium Classes at a University in Eastern Ukraine (PDF)
Oleg Tarnopolsky and Bridget Goodman

Supporting Home Language Maintenance among Children with English as an Additional Language in Irish Primary Schools (PDF)
Anna-Marie Dillon

Improving Language Policy and Planning Through Evaluation: Approaches to Evaluating Minority Language Policies (PDF)
Haley De Korne

Taking Up Speech in an Endangered Language: Bilingual Discourse in a Heritage Language Classroom (PDF)
Robert Moore

Tú Sabes Que My Flow So Tight: Translanguaging as Negotiated Participation in Classroom Hip-Hop Media Production (PDF)
Catrice Barrett

Tongzhi in China: A Social Marker or Not? (PDF)
Yuzhi Chen